Why does the liquid silicone not cured or cured not completely

When we use liquid silicone rubber to make a silicone mold,we may find that the silicone rubber have not cured or not cured completely after 48 hours.What are the causes of this?

In the experience of BKSILICONE liquid silicone rubber factory,there are 5 possible reasons that generate the silicone not cured or cured not completely.

Reason 1:Too much or too much curing agent can be influence silicone to cure.

Resolution:Add curing agent due to prescribed ratio,and please note instruction that the mixing ratio is by volume or by weight.

Reason 2 :Different types of curing agents can not be mixed, addition silicone will not cure if it contact the tin composition in condensation silicone.

Resolution:Use the corresponding types of curing agent and the tools are not mixed. Never contact the condensation silicone product when you are using the addition silicone rubber.

Reason 3:Silicone and curing agent are uneven mixing.

Resolution:Silicone and curing agent should stir evenly,especial in the bottom of the container.

Reason 4:The silicone have been cured completely except the contact surface of the original object.

Resolution:Coated with a layer of release film on the original object to prevent silicone rubber contact with the composition in the original object against silicone to cure.

Reason 5:The temperature is too low to cure,when the temperature is lower than 0℃, part A and part B will not cure.

Resolution:20-30℃ is the ideal temperature for mold silicone to cure.

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